Located in the heart of the  Boreal Forest, Woodland Caribou Provincial Park is arguably the top canoeing destination in Ontario.  This large area of unspoiled wilderness has remained largely untouched for thousands of years.

Covering over 450,000 hectares, Woodland Caribou Provincial Park is the 6 largest park in the Ontario Parks system.

The park is also home to one of the largest herds of Woodland Caribou found south of the Hudson Bay Lowlands.  The highlight of any trip is the possibility of seeing one of these elusive mammals in their natural setting.

Boasting over 2000 km’s of navigable canoe routes, Woodland Caribou Provincial Park allows paddlers to “step back” to a simpler time as they quietly dip their paddle in fish filled waters.  These water routes are steeped in First Nations history and were once integral travel routes between their traditional lands.

Whether you’re looking for a short trip of just a few days, or an extended trips lasting two months or longer, Woodland Caribou Provincial Park offers the paddler an unparalleled wilderness experience.  With it’s patchwork of connected lake and river systems, the park allows for virtually endless route opportunities including challenging the historic Bloodvein River system as you make your way to the Manitoba border.

In keeping with the wilderness appeal of the park, navigation aids such as portage and campsite markers are nowhere to be found in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park.  In their place, paddlers can rely on traditional axe blazes to mark the way.  Don’t worry though, with over 1000 established campsites, most lakes within the park offer gorgeous camping locations, usually nestled into stands of Black Spruce and Jackpine.

For those looking for a unique paddling adventure, leave the crowds behind and experience all the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park has to offer.  Please browse the pages of this site to become more familiar with all the park has to offer!