Canoe Route Maintenance

At 1.2 million acres in size,  there is a lot of ground to cover in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park.  Not only for paddlers, but also for the park trail crews whose tireless efforts keep portages, campsites and creeks open.

As the park is located within Northwestern Ontario’s Boreal forest, this fire driven landscape is ever changing.  High winds, powerful thunderstorms and forest fires can do a number on the existing trails in a matter of seconds.   While the park office has crews in the park for the duration of the paddling season, please note that you may encounter some portages with blowdown or other obstacles.

It’s also extremely important that paddlers communicate problem areas to the park office or their outfitter upon completion of their trip.  Paddlers act as the park’s eyes and ears and can provide important trail information that will enable crews to deal with areas of concern.  It’s a big park, and many intense storms are isolated to generally small areas.  Without help from paddlers, it may be years before the park office becomes aware of issues along particular trails.

For current information on trail conditions, please contact the park outfitter.