Leano Lake Options

Route Information:

Distance: 50-70 KM
Duration: 4 Days
Loop: Yes
Difficulty: Intermediate
Number of Portages: 22
Longest Portage: 900 Metres

Required Maps:

  • 52 L/16
  • 52 L/15
  • 52 L/10
  • 52 L/9
  • Official Park Planning Map

Start your trip from Red Lake, Ontario with either a shuttle from your Outfitter or drive yourself to Leano Lake. Its an hour and a half if you know the road and close to two if its your first time.. The road has quite a reputation but if you use your common sense you should be fine. Beavers and large rainfall events working together can create an issue. An outfitters shuttle would be best if you only have a small car. This trip starts and ends at the busiest entry point in the park. Busy however is a relative term. In the past few years no more than 4oo paddlers have chosen to use Leano as a put in or take out point.

Starting at Leano Lake you travel north and west to Bunny Lake and the Lunch Lake chain. The first largest lake (more long than large) you encounter is Jake Lake. Here you will have your first loop option. If you’re short on time you head south on Jake Lake to Paull Lake. If you have more time you head north to Mexican Hat Lake. Don’t worry you’ll get back to beautiful Paull Lake later.

So if its springtime, you may have caught some lake trout and northern pike by now. Mexican Hat Lake brings walleye. If you want some better snack on them now, you won’t see walleye again till Kilburn Lake.

Mexican Hat Lake will provide some nice sand for you but it is here that you turn south and make your way to Burnt Wood Lake. Traveling through part of Jake Lake again you reach Paull Lake and have to make another decision. Do I stay or do I go now? Are you getting short on time? Head east out of Paull Lake through Elephant Head Lake, back to Bunny Lake, Leano Lake and you’ve reached your start point.

Still got time, excellent! Head south of Paull Lake, go over a couple of short portages and you head to Upper Kilburn Lake. Like most trips in the south of the park you have two or more ways to get there. One way is to head south to Dragon Lake, east to Middle Kilburn and finally north to Upper Kilburn. Another way is to travel straight from Paull Lake to Upper Kilburn. Yup, you are still catching a few lake trout if your line is wet.

You’re on the last leg of the trip now. From Upper Kilburn Lake you walk east to the north arm of Kilburn Lake. Its time to snack on another walleye or two. Head upstream north to Leano Lake and you’re back to where you started.

The last time a fire when through this area in any big way was over 65 year ago so the canopy is a mature one. Common wildlife are beavers, otters and loads of birds. A moose or two will be scattered but quiet travels may bring a reward in the shape of a caribou or two.